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TI Wakeup M3 Remoteproc Driver
The TI AM33xx and AM43xx family of devices use a small Cortex M3 co-processor
(commonly referred to as Wakeup M3 or CM3) to help with various low power tasks
that cannot be controlled from the MPU. This CM3 processor requires a firmware
binary to accomplish this. The wkup_m3 remoteproc driver handles the loading of
the firmware and booting of the CM3.
Wkup M3 Device Node:
A wkup_m3 device node is used to represent the Wakeup M3 processor instance
within the SoC. It is added as a child node of the parent interconnect bus
(l4_wkup) through which it is accessible to the MPU.
Required properties:
- compatible: Should be one of,
"ti,am3352-wkup-m3" for AM33xx SoCs
"ti,am4372-wkup-m3" for AM43xx SoCs
- reg: Should contain the address ranges for the two internal
memory regions, UMEM and DMEM. The parent node should
provide an appropriate ranges property for properly
translating these into bus addresses.
- reg-names: Contains the corresponding names for the two memory
regions. These should be named "umem" & "dmem".
- ti,hwmods: Name of the hwmod associated with the wkupm3 device.
- ti,pm-firmware: Name of firmware file to be used for loading and
booting the wkup_m3 remote processor.
/* AM33xx */
ocp {
l4_wkup: l4_wkup@44c00000 {
compatible = "am335-l4-wkup", "simple-bus";
ranges = <0 0x44c00000 0x400000>;
#address-cells = <1>;
#size-cells = <1>;
wkup_m3: wkup_m3@100000 {
compatible = "ti,am3352-wkup-m3";
reg = <0x100000 0x4000>,
<0x180000 0x2000>;
reg-names = "umem", "dmem";
ti,hwmods = "wkup_m3";
ti,pm-firmware = "am335x-pm-firmware.elf";