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Synopsys ARC Local Timer with Interrupt Capabilities
- Found on all ARC CPUs (ARC700/ARCHS)
- Can be optionally programmed to interrupt on Limit
- Two idential copies TIMER0 and TIMER1 exist in ARC cores and historically
TIMER0 used as clockevent provider (true for all ARC cores)
TIMER1 used for clocksource (mandatory for ARC700, optional for ARC HS)
Required properties:
- compatible : should be "snps,arc-timer"
- interrupts : single Interrupt going into parent intc
(16 for ARCHS cores, 3 for ARC700 cores)
- clocks : phandle to the source clock
timer0 {
compatible = "snps,arc-timer";
interrupts = <3>;
interrupt-parent = <&core_intc>;
clocks = <&core_clk>;
timer1 {
compatible = "snps,arc-timer";
clocks = <&core_clk>;