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// SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0
//! Build-time error.
//! This crate provides a function `build_error`, which will panic in
//! compile-time if executed in const context, and will cause a build error
//! if not executed at compile time and the optimizer does not optimise away the
//! call.
//! It is used by `build_assert!` in the kernel crate, allowing checking of
//! conditions that could be checked statically, but could not be enforced in
//! Rust yet (e.g. perform some checks in const functions, but those
//! functions could still be called in the runtime).
/// Panics if executed in const context, or triggers a build error if not.
pub const fn build_error(msg: &'static str) -> ! {
panic!("{}", msg);
#[link_section = ".gnu.warning.build_error"]
static BUILD_ERROR_WARNING: [u8; 45] = *b"call to build_error present after compilation";