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  1. 82656db [NOUPSTREAM] iwlwifi: mvm: support config FW to use HE by Liad Kaufman · 4 months ago master
  2. a592cb3 [BUGFIX] iwlwifi: pci: add new PCI ID for 7265D by Luca Coelho · 3 days ago
  3. 2e7d046 [BUGFIX] iwlwifi: mvm: fix compilation with IWLMVM_AX_SOFTAP_TESTMODE by Luca Coelho · 3 days ago
  4. bf8f1a9 iwlwifi: support api ver2 of NVM_GET_INFO resp by Liad Kaufman · 4 days ago
  5. 1a2d94e [NOUPSTREAM] iwlwifi: mvm: 11ax softap test mode debugfs entries and FW APIs by Jonathan Afek · 3 months ago
  6. dbd41b4 nl80211: add an option to allow MFP without requiring it by Emmanuel Grumbach · 8 days ago
  7. 29687d6 iwlwifi: distinguish different RF modules in A000 devices by Tzipi Peres · 3 weeks ago
  8. 0c589b9 [BUGFIX] iwlwifi: mvm: Fix channel switch in case of count <= 1 by Ilan Peer · 10 days ago
  9. 1f2527e iwlwifi: Demote messages about fw flags size to info by João Paulo Rechi Vita · 2 weeks ago
  10. 41beee2 [BUGFIX]iwlwifi: mvm: fix condition in BEACON_TEMPLATE_CMD by Haim Dreyfuss · 9 days ago
  11. 7c2d8a7 iwlwifi: mvm: add support for oce by Zamir, Roee · 3 months ago
  12. 5be2722 [BUGFIX] iwlwifi: mvm: don't remove channel switch time event by Avraham Stern · 10 days ago
  13. 25d6fe2 iwlwifi: move BT_MBOX_PRINT macro to common header by Luca Coelho · 12 days ago
  14. 03104f3 [BUGFIX] iwlwifi: mvm: don't send BAR on flushed frames by Emmanuel Grumbach · 12 days ago
  15. 91559ec mac80211: add documentation to ieee80211_rx_ba_offl() by Luca Coelho · 12 days ago
  16. 084d971 mac80211: rename bit argument to tid in ieee80211_rx_ba_timer_expired by Luca Coelho · 12 days ago
  17. 50f5b49 [NOUPSTREAM] mac80211: save aside some HE data for BSS by Liad Kaufman · 5 weeks ago
  18. 35c2d99 [NOUPSTREAM] mac80211: make sure HE IEs appear in order by Liad Kaufman · 7 weeks ago
  19. d7f6f24 [NOUPSTREAM] mac80211: update HE code to implement spec v1.3 by Liad Kaufman · 7 weeks ago
  20. 7ff6cba [BUGFIX] iwlwifi: mvm: remove session protection to allow channel switch by Avraham Stern · 2 weeks ago