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menu "Parrot7 GPU"
config GPU_PARROT7
tristate "Parrot7 GPU support"
default n
This will just enable support for Mali 200 GPU.
It requires Mali-200 of Mali-400 ARM drivers to be enabled.
config UMP_PARROT7
tristate "Parrot7 UMP interface"
depends on UMP
default n
Driver to allow memory sharing between APIs by tracking UMP memory tokens.
Used with Mali200 GPU.
comment "ARM UMP memory sharing driver"
source "drivers/parrot/gpu/ump/Kconfig"
comment "ARM Mali200 driver"
source "drivers/parrot/gpu/mali200/Kconfig"
comment "ARM Mali400 driver"
source "drivers/parrot/gpu/mali400/Kconfig"
source "drivers/parrot/gpu/ion/Kconfig"