Merge tag 'timers-urgent-2024-04-14' of git://

Pull timer fixes from Ingo Molnar:

 - Address a (valid) W=1 build warning

 - Fix timer self-tests

 - Annotate a KCSAN warning wrt. accesses to the tick_do_timer_cpu
   global variable

 - Address a !CONFIG_BUG build warning

* tag 'timers-urgent-2024-04-14' of git://
  selftests: kselftest: Fix build failure with NOLIBC
  selftests: timers: Fix abs() warning in posix_timers test
  selftests: kselftest: Mark functions that unconditionally call exit() as __noreturn
  selftests: timers: Fix posix_timers ksft_print_msg() warning
  selftests: timers: Fix valid-adjtimex signed left-shift undefined behavior
  bug: Fix no-return-statement warning with !CONFIG_BUG
  timekeeping: Use READ/WRITE_ONCE() for tick_do_timer_cpu
  selftests/timers/posix_timers: Reimplement check_timer_distribution()
  irqflags: Explicitly ignore lockdep_hrtimer_exit() argument