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#ifndef __ASM_ARM_DELAY_H
#define __ASM_ARM_DELAY_H
* Copyright (C) 1995 Russell King
* Delay routines, using a pre-computed "loops_per_second" value.
extern void __delay(int loops);
* division by multiplication: you don't have to worry about
* loss of precision.
* Use only for very small delays ( < 1 msec). Should probably use a
* lookup table, really, as the multiplications take much too long with
* short delays. This is a "reasonable" implementation, though (and the
* first constant multiplications gets optimized away if the delay is
* a constant)
extern void udelay(unsigned long usecs);
static inline unsigned long muldiv(unsigned long a, unsigned long b, unsigned long c)
return a * b / c;
#endif /* defined(_ARM_DELAY_H) */