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* team.h - Network team device driver library
* Copyright (C) 2011-2015 Jiri Pirko <>
* This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
* License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
* version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
* This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* Lesser General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
* License along with this library; if not, write to the Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
#ifndef _TEAM_H_
#define _TEAM_H_
#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
#include <stdarg.h>
#include <linux/filter.h>
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
* team_handle
* library user context
struct team_handle;
struct team_handle *team_alloc(void);
int team_create(struct team_handle *th, const char *team_name);
int team_recreate(struct team_handle *th, const char *team_name);
int team_destroy(struct team_handle *th);
int team_init(struct team_handle *th, uint32_t ifindex);
void team_free(struct team_handle *th);
int team_refresh(struct team_handle *th);
void team_set_log_fn(struct team_handle *th,
void (*log_fn)(struct team_handle *th, int priority,
const char *file, int line, const char *fn,
const char *format, va_list args));
int team_get_log_priority(struct team_handle *th);
void team_set_log_priority(struct team_handle *th, int priority);
int team_get_event_fd(struct team_handle *th);
int team_handle_events(struct team_handle *th);
int team_check_events(struct team_handle *th);
int team_get_mode_name(struct team_handle *th, char **mode_name);
int team_set_mode_name(struct team_handle *th, const char *mode_name);
int team_get_notify_peers_count(struct team_handle *th, uint32_t *count);
int team_set_notify_peers_count(struct team_handle *th, uint32_t count);
int team_get_notify_peers_interval(struct team_handle *th, uint32_t *interval);
int team_set_notify_peers_interval(struct team_handle *th, uint32_t interval);
int team_get_mcast_rejoin_count(struct team_handle *th, uint32_t *count);
int team_set_mcast_rejoin_count(struct team_handle *th, uint32_t count);
int team_get_mcast_rejoin_interval(struct team_handle *th, uint32_t *interval);
int team_set_mcast_rejoin_interval(struct team_handle *th, uint32_t interval);
int team_get_active_port(struct team_handle *th, uint32_t *ifindex);
int team_set_active_port(struct team_handle *th, uint32_t ifindex);
int team_get_bpf_hash_func(struct team_handle *th, struct sock_fprog *fp);
int team_set_bpf_hash_func(struct team_handle *th, const struct sock_fprog *fp);
int team_set_port_enabled(struct team_handle *th,
uint32_t port_ifindex, bool val);
int team_get_port_enabled(struct team_handle *th,
uint32_t port_ifindex, bool *enabled);
int team_set_port_user_linkup_enabled(struct team_handle *th,
uint32_t port_ifindex, bool val);
int team_get_port_user_linkup(struct team_handle *th,
uint32_t port_ifindex, bool *linkup);
int team_set_port_user_linkup(struct team_handle *th,
uint32_t port_ifindex, bool linkup);
int team_set_port_queue_id(struct team_handle *th,
uint32_t port_ifindex, uint32_t queue_id);
int team_get_port_priority(struct team_handle *th,
uint32_t port_ifindex, int32_t *priority);
int team_set_port_priority(struct team_handle *th,
uint32_t port_ifindex, int32_t priority);
struct team_ifinfo;
struct team_ifinfo *team_get_ifinfo(struct team_handle *th);
* team_eventfd - DEPRECATED
* access to list of event handlers
struct team_eventfd;
const struct team_eventfd *team_get_next_eventfd(struct team_handle *th,
const struct team_eventfd *eventfd);
#define team_for_each_event_fd(eventfd, th) \
for (eventfd = team_get_next_eventfd(th, NULL); eventfd; \
eventfd = team_get_next_eventfd(th, eventfd))
int team_get_eventfd_fd(struct team_handle *th,
const struct team_eventfd *eventfd)
int team_call_eventfd_handler(struct team_handle *th,
const struct team_eventfd *eventfd)
* team_port
* access to port_list and individual port
struct team_port;
struct team_port *team_get_next_port(struct team_handle *th,
struct team_port *port);
#define team_for_each_port(port, th) \
for (port = team_get_next_port(th, NULL); port; \
port = team_get_next_port(th, port))
/* port getters */
uint32_t team_get_port_ifindex(struct team_port *port);
uint32_t team_get_port_speed(struct team_port *port);
uint8_t team_get_port_duplex(struct team_port *port);
bool team_is_port_link_up(struct team_port *port);
bool team_is_port_changed(struct team_port *port);
bool team_is_port_removed(struct team_port *port);
struct team_ifinfo *team_get_port_ifinfo(struct team_port *port);
bool team_is_port_present(struct team_handle *th, struct team_port *port);
* team_ifinfo
* access to list of ifinfo_list
struct team_ifinfo *team_get_next_ifinfo(struct team_handle *th,
struct team_ifinfo *ifinfo);
#define team_for_each_ifinfo(ifinfo, th) \
for (ifinfo = team_get_next_ifinfo(th, NULL); ifinfo; \
ifinfo = team_get_next_ifinfo(th, ifinfo))
/* ifinfo getters */
bool team_is_ifinfo_removed(struct team_ifinfo *ifinfo);
uint32_t team_get_ifinfo_ifindex(struct team_ifinfo *ifinfo);
bool team_get_ifinfo_admin_state(struct team_ifinfo *ifinfo);
struct team_port *team_get_ifinfo_port(struct team_ifinfo *ifinfo);
char *team_get_ifinfo_hwaddr(struct team_ifinfo *ifinfo);
bool team_is_ifinfo_hwaddr_changed(struct team_ifinfo *ifinfo);
size_t team_get_ifinfo_hwaddr_len(struct team_ifinfo *ifinfo);
bool team_is_ifinfo_hwaddr_len_changed(struct team_ifinfo *ifinfo);
char *team_get_ifinfo_orig_hwaddr(struct team_ifinfo *ifinfo);
uint8_t team_get_ifinfo_orig_hwaddr_len(struct team_ifinfo *ifinfo);
char *team_get_ifinfo_ifname(struct team_ifinfo *ifinfo);
bool team_is_ifinfo_ifname_changed(struct team_ifinfo *ifinfo);
uint32_t team_get_ifinfo_master_ifindex(struct team_ifinfo *ifinfo);
bool team_is_ifinfo_master_ifindex_changed(struct team_ifinfo *ifinfo);
bool team_is_ifinfo_admin_state_changed(struct team_ifinfo *ifinfo);
char *team_get_ifinfo_phys_port_id(struct team_ifinfo *ifinfo);
bool team_is_ifinfo_phys_port_id_changed(struct team_ifinfo *ifinfo);
size_t team_get_ifinfo_phys_port_id_len(struct team_ifinfo *ifinfo);
bool team_is_ifinfo_phys_port_id_len_changed(struct team_ifinfo *ifinfo);
bool team_is_ifinfo_changed(struct team_ifinfo *ifinfo);
* team_option
* access to option_list and individual option
struct team_port;
enum team_option_type {
struct team_option;
struct team_option *team_get_option(struct team_handle *th,
const char *fmt, ...);
struct team_option *team_get_next_option(struct team_handle *th,
struct team_option *option);
#define team_for_each_option(port, th) \
for (option = team_get_next_option(th, NULL); option; \
option = team_get_next_option(th, option))
bool team_is_option_initialized(struct team_option *option);
/* option getters */
char *team_get_option_name(struct team_option *option);
uint32_t team_get_option_port_ifindex(struct team_option *option);
bool team_is_option_per_port(struct team_option *option);
uint32_t team_get_option_array_index(struct team_option *option);
bool team_is_option_array(struct team_option *option);
enum team_option_type team_get_option_type(struct team_option *option);
bool team_is_option_changed(struct team_option *option);
bool team_is_option_changed_locally(struct team_option *option);
unsigned int team_get_option_value_len(struct team_option *option);
uint32_t team_get_option_value_u32(struct team_option *option);
char *team_get_option_value_string(struct team_option *option);
void *team_get_option_value_binary(struct team_option *option);
bool team_get_option_value_bool(struct team_option *option);
int32_t team_get_option_value_s32(struct team_option *option);
/* option setters */
int team_set_option_value_u32(struct team_handle *th,
struct team_option *option, uint32_t val);
int team_set_option_value_string(struct team_handle *th,
struct team_option *option, const char *str);
int team_set_option_value_binary(struct team_handle *th,
struct team_option *option,
const void *data, unsigned int data_len);
int team_set_option_value_bool(struct team_handle *th,
struct team_option *option, bool val);
int team_set_option_value_s32(struct team_handle *th,
struct team_option *option, int32_t val);
* team_change_handler
* define change event types and register change handler functions
enum {
typedef unsigned int team_change_type_mask_t;
struct team_change_handler {
int (*func)(struct team_handle *th,
void *func_priv,
team_change_type_mask_t type_mask);
/* type_mask passed to function
* represents types of events which
* really happened. */
team_change_type_mask_t type_mask;
int team_change_handler_register(struct team_handle *th,
const struct team_change_handler *handler,
void *priv);
int team_change_handler_register_head(struct team_handle *th,
const struct team_change_handler *handler,
void *priv);
void team_change_handler_unregister(struct team_handle *th,
const struct team_change_handler *handler,
void *priv);
* stringify helper functions
bool team_option_value_str(struct team_option *option, char *buf, size_t bufsiz);
int team_set_option_value_from_string(struct team_handle *th,
struct team_option *option,
const char *str);
bool team_option_str(struct team_handle *th, struct team_option *option,
char *buf, size_t bufsiz);
bool team_port_str(struct team_port *port, char *buf, size_t bufsiz);
bool team_ifinfo_str(struct team_ifinfo *ifinfo, char *buf, size_t bufsiz);
* route netlink helper functions
uint32_t team_ifname2ifindex(struct team_handle *th, const char *ifname);
char *team_ifindex2ifname(struct team_handle *th, uint32_t ifindex,
char *ifname, unsigned int maxlen);
int team_port_add(struct team_handle *th, uint32_t port_ifindex);
int team_port_remove(struct team_handle *th, uint32_t port_ifindex);
bool team_is_our_port(struct team_handle *th, uint32_t port_ifindex);
int team_carrier_set(struct team_handle *th, bool carrier_up);
int team_carrier_get(struct team_handle *th, bool *carrier_up);
int team_hwaddr_set(struct team_handle *th, uint32_t ifindex,
const char *addr, unsigned int addr_len);
int team_hwaddr_get(struct team_handle *th, uint32_t ifindex,
char *addr, unsigned int addr_len);
int team_hwaddr_len_get(struct team_handle *th, uint32_t ifindex);
#ifdef __cplusplus
} /* extern "C" */
#endif /* _TEAM_H_ */