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// SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0
//! The `kernel` crate.
//! This crate contains the kernel APIs that have been ported or wrapped for
//! usage by Rust code in the kernel and is shared by all of them.
//! In other words, all the rest of the Rust code in the kernel (e.g. kernel
//! modules written in Rust) depends on [`core`], [`alloc`] and this crate.
//! If you need a kernel C API that is not ported or wrapped yet here, then
//! do so first instead of bypassing this crate.
// Ensure conditional compilation based on the kernel configuration works;
// otherwise we may silently break things like initcall handling.
compile_error!("Missing kernel configuration for conditional compilation");
// Allow proc-macros to refer to `::kernel` inside the `kernel` crate (this crate).
extern crate self as kernel;
mod allocator;
mod build_assert;
pub mod error;
pub mod init;
pub mod ioctl;
pub mod prelude;
pub mod print;
mod static_assert;
pub mod std_vendor;
pub mod str;
pub mod sync;
pub mod task;
pub mod types;
pub use bindings;
pub use macros;
pub use uapi;
pub use build_error::build_error;
/// Prefix to appear before log messages printed from within the `kernel` crate.
const __LOG_PREFIX: &[u8] = b"rust_kernel\0";
/// The top level entrypoint to implementing a kernel module.
/// For any teardown or cleanup operations, your type may implement [`Drop`].
pub trait Module: Sized + Sync {
/// Called at module initialization time.
/// Use this method to perform whatever setup or registration your module
/// should do.
/// Equivalent to the `module_init` macro in the C API.
fn init(module: &'static ThisModule) -> error::Result<Self>;
/// Equivalent to `THIS_MODULE` in the C API.
/// C header: `include/linux/export.h`
pub struct ThisModule(*mut bindings::module);
// SAFETY: `THIS_MODULE` may be used from all threads within a module.
unsafe impl Sync for ThisModule {}
impl ThisModule {
/// Creates a [`ThisModule`] given the `THIS_MODULE` pointer.
/// # Safety
/// The pointer must be equal to the right `THIS_MODULE`.
pub const unsafe fn from_ptr(ptr: *mut bindings::module) -> ThisModule {
#[cfg(not(any(testlib, test)))]
fn panic(info: &core::panic::PanicInfo<'_>) -> ! {
pr_emerg!("{}\n", info);
// SAFETY: FFI call.
unsafe { bindings::BUG() };
// Bindgen currently does not recognize `__noreturn` so `BUG` returns `()`
// instead of `!`. See <>.
loop {}