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* DOMAIN(name, num, index_kind, is_physical)
* @name: An all caps token, suitable for use in generating an enum
* member and appending to an event name in sysfs.
* @num: The number corresponding to the domain as given in
* documentation. We assume the catalog domain and the hcall
* domain have the same numbering (so far they do), but this
* may need to be changed in the future.
* @index_kind: A stringifiable token describing the meaning of the index
* within the given domain. Must fit the parsing rules of the
* perf sysfs api.
* @is_physical: True if the domain is physical, false otherwise (if virtual).
* Note: The terms PHYS_CHIP, PHYS_CORE, VCPU correspond to physical chip,
* physical core and virtual processor in 24x7 Counters specifications.
DOMAIN(PHYS_CHIP, 0x01, chip, true)
DOMAIN(PHYS_CORE, 0x02, core, true)
DOMAIN(VCPU_HOME_CORE, 0x03, vcpu, false)
DOMAIN(VCPU_HOME_CHIP, 0x04, vcpu, false)
DOMAIN(VCPU_HOME_NODE, 0x05, vcpu, false)
DOMAIN(VCPU_REMOTE_NODE, 0x06, vcpu, false)