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* This file contains sleep low-level functions for PowerBook G3.
* Copyright (C) 1999 Benjamin Herrenschmidt (
* and Paul Mackerras (
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
* as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version
* 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
#include <asm/processor.h>
#include <asm/page.h>
#include <asm/ppc_asm.h>
#include <asm/cputable.h>
#include <asm/cache.h>
#include <asm/thread_info.h>
#include <asm/asm-offsets.h>
#include <asm/mmu.h>
#define MAGIC 0x4c617273 /* 'Lars' */
* Structure for storing CPU registers on the stack.
#define SL_SP 0
#define SL_PC 4
#define SL_MSR 8
#define SL_SDR1 0xc
#define SL_SPRG0 0x10 /* 4 sprg's */
#define SL_DBAT0 0x20
#define SL_IBAT0 0x28
#define SL_DBAT1 0x30
#define SL_IBAT1 0x38
#define SL_DBAT2 0x40
#define SL_IBAT2 0x48
#define SL_DBAT3 0x50
#define SL_IBAT3 0x58
#define SL_TB 0x60
#define SL_R2 0x68
#define SL_CR 0x6c
#define SL_R12 0x70 /* r12 to r31 */
#define SL_SIZE (SL_R12 + 80)
.section .text
.align 5
#if defined(CONFIG_PM) || defined(CONFIG_CPU_FREQ_PMAC) || \
(defined(CONFIG_HOTPLUG_CPU) && defined(CONFIG_PPC32))
/* This gets called by via-pmu.c late during the sleep process.
* The PMU was already send the sleep command and will shut us down
* soon. We need to save all that is needed and setup the wakeup
* vector that will be called by the ROM on wakeup
#ifndef CONFIG_6xx
mflr r0
stw r0,4(r1)
stwu r1,-SL_SIZE(r1)
mfcr r0
stw r0,SL_CR(r1)
stw r2,SL_R2(r1)
stmw r12,SL_R12(r1)
/* Save MSR & SDR1 */
mfmsr r4
stw r4,SL_MSR(r1)
mfsdr1 r4
stw r4,SL_SDR1(r1)
/* Get a stable timebase and save it */
1: mftbu r4
stw r4,SL_TB(r1)
mftb r5
stw r5,SL_TB+4(r1)
mftbu r3
cmpw r3,r4
bne 1b
/* Save SPRGs */
mfsprg r4,0
stw r4,SL_SPRG0(r1)
mfsprg r4,1
stw r4,SL_SPRG0+4(r1)
mfsprg r4,2
stw r4,SL_SPRG0+8(r1)
mfsprg r4,3
stw r4,SL_SPRG0+12(r1)
/* Save BATs */
mfdbatu r4,0
stw r4,SL_DBAT0(r1)
mfdbatl r4,0
stw r4,SL_DBAT0+4(r1)
mfdbatu r4,1
stw r4,SL_DBAT1(r1)
mfdbatl r4,1
stw r4,SL_DBAT1+4(r1)
mfdbatu r4,2
stw r4,SL_DBAT2(r1)
mfdbatl r4,2
stw r4,SL_DBAT2+4(r1)
mfdbatu r4,3
stw r4,SL_DBAT3(r1)
mfdbatl r4,3
stw r4,SL_DBAT3+4(r1)
mfibatu r4,0
stw r4,SL_IBAT0(r1)
mfibatl r4,0
stw r4,SL_IBAT0+4(r1)
mfibatu r4,1
stw r4,SL_IBAT1(r1)
mfibatl r4,1
stw r4,SL_IBAT1+4(r1)
mfibatu r4,2
stw r4,SL_IBAT2(r1)
mfibatl r4,2
stw r4,SL_IBAT2+4(r1)
mfibatu r4,3
stw r4,SL_IBAT3(r1)
mfibatl r4,3
stw r4,SL_IBAT3+4(r1)
/* Backup various CPU config stuffs */
bl __save_cpu_setup
/* The ROM can wake us up via 2 different vectors:
* - On wallstreet & lombard, we must write a magic
* value 'Lars' at address 4 and a pointer to a
* memory location containing the PC to resume from
* at address 0.
* - On Core99, we must store the wakeup vector at
* address 0x80 and eventually it's parameters
* at address 0x84. I've have some trouble with those
* parameters however and I no longer use them.
lis r5,grackle_wake_up@ha
addi r5,r5,grackle_wake_up@l
stw r5,SL_PC(r1)
addi r5,r5,SL_PC
lis r6,MAGIC@ha
addi r6,r6,MAGIC@l
stw r5,0(r4)
stw r6,4(r4)
/* Setup stuffs at 0x80-0x84 for Core99 */
lis r3,core99_wake_up@ha
addi r3,r3,core99_wake_up@l
stw r3,0x80(r4)
stw r5,0x84(r4)
/* Store a pointer to our backup storage into
* a kernel global
lis r3,sleep_storage@ha
addi r3,r3,sleep_storage@l
stw r5,0(r3)
.globl low_cpu_die
/* Flush & disable all caches */
bl flush_disable_caches
/* Turn off data relocation. */
mfmsr r3 /* Save MSR in r7 */
rlwinm r3,r3,0,28,26 /* Turn off DR bit */
mtmsr r3
/* Flush any pending L2 data prefetches to work around HW bug */
lis r3,0xfff0
lwz r0,0(r3) /* perform cache-inhibited load to ROM */
sync /* (caches are disabled at this point) */
* Set the HID0 and MSR for sleep.
mfspr r2,SPRN_HID0
rlwinm r2,r2,0,10,7 /* clear doze, nap */
oris r2,r2,HID0_SLEEP@h
mtspr SPRN_HID0,r2
/* This loop puts us back to sleep in case we have a spurrious
* wakeup so that the host bridge properly stays asleep. The
* CPU will be turned off, either after a known time (about 1
* second) on wallstreet & lombard, or as soon as the CPU enters
* SLEEP mode on core99
mfmsr r2
oris r2,r2,MSR_POW@h
1: sync
mtmsr r2
b 1b
* Here is the resume code.
* Core99 machines resume here
* r4 has the physical address of SL_PC(sp) (unused)
/* Make sure HID0 no longer contains any sleep bit and that data cache
* is disabled
mfspr r3,SPRN_HID0
rlwinm r3,r3,0,11,7 /* clear SLEEP, NAP, DOZE bits */
rlwinm 3,r3,0,18,15 /* clear DCE, ICE */
mtspr SPRN_HID0,r3
/* sanitize MSR */
mfmsr r3
ori r3,r3,MSR_EE|MSR_IP
xori r3,r3,MSR_EE|MSR_IP
mtmsr r3
/* Recover sleep storage */
lis r3,sleep_storage@ha
addi r3,r3,sleep_storage@l
lwz r1,0(r3)
/* Pass thru to older resume code ... */
* Here is the resume code for older machines.
* r1 has the physical address of SL_PC(sp).
/* Restore the kernel's segment registers before
* we do any r1 memory access as we are not sure they
* are in a sane state above the first 256Mb region
li r0,16 /* load up segment register values */
mtctr r0 /* for context 0 */
lis r3,0x2000 /* Ku = 1, VSID = 0 */
li r4,0
3: mtsrin r3,r4
addi r3,r3,0x111 /* increment VSID */
addis r4,r4,0x1000 /* address of next segment */
bdnz 3b
subi r1,r1,SL_PC
/* Restore various CPU config stuffs */
bl __restore_cpu_setup
/* Make sure all FPRs have been initialized */
bl reloc_offset
bl __init_fpu_registers
/* Invalidate & enable L1 cache, we don't care about
* whatever the ROM may have tried to write to memory
bl __inval_enable_L1
/* Restore the BATs, and SDR1. Then we can turn on the MMU. */
lwz r4,SL_SDR1(r1)
mtsdr1 r4
lwz r4,SL_SPRG0(r1)
mtsprg 0,r4
lwz r4,SL_SPRG0+4(r1)
mtsprg 1,r4
lwz r4,SL_SPRG0+8(r1)
mtsprg 2,r4
lwz r4,SL_SPRG0+12(r1)
mtsprg 3,r4
lwz r4,SL_DBAT0(r1)
mtdbatu 0,r4
lwz r4,SL_DBAT0+4(r1)
mtdbatl 0,r4
lwz r4,SL_DBAT1(r1)
mtdbatu 1,r4
lwz r4,SL_DBAT1+4(r1)
mtdbatl 1,r4
lwz r4,SL_DBAT2(r1)
mtdbatu 2,r4
lwz r4,SL_DBAT2+4(r1)
mtdbatl 2,r4
lwz r4,SL_DBAT3(r1)
mtdbatu 3,r4
lwz r4,SL_DBAT3+4(r1)
mtdbatl 3,r4
lwz r4,SL_IBAT0(r1)
mtibatu 0,r4
lwz r4,SL_IBAT0+4(r1)
mtibatl 0,r4
lwz r4,SL_IBAT1(r1)
mtibatu 1,r4
lwz r4,SL_IBAT1+4(r1)
mtibatl 1,r4
lwz r4,SL_IBAT2(r1)
mtibatu 2,r4
lwz r4,SL_IBAT2+4(r1)
mtibatl 2,r4
lwz r4,SL_IBAT3(r1)
mtibatu 3,r4
lwz r4,SL_IBAT3+4(r1)
mtibatl 3,r4
li r4,0
mtspr SPRN_DBAT4U,r4
mtspr SPRN_DBAT4L,r4
mtspr SPRN_DBAT5U,r4
mtspr SPRN_DBAT5L,r4
mtspr SPRN_DBAT6U,r4
mtspr SPRN_DBAT6L,r4
mtspr SPRN_DBAT7U,r4
mtspr SPRN_DBAT7L,r4
mtspr SPRN_IBAT4U,r4
mtspr SPRN_IBAT4L,r4
mtspr SPRN_IBAT5U,r4
mtspr SPRN_IBAT5L,r4
mtspr SPRN_IBAT6U,r4
mtspr SPRN_IBAT6L,r4
mtspr SPRN_IBAT7U,r4
mtspr SPRN_IBAT7L,r4
/* Flush all TLBs */
lis r4,0x1000
1: addic. r4,r4,-0x1000
tlbie r4
blt 1b
/* restore the MSR and turn on the MMU */
lwz r3,SL_MSR(r1)
bl turn_on_mmu
/* get back the stack pointer */
/* Restore TB */
li r3,0
mttbl r3
lwz r3,SL_TB(r1)
lwz r4,SL_TB+4(r1)
mttbu r3
mttbl r4
/* Restore the callee-saved registers and return */
lwz r0,SL_CR(r1)
mtcr r0
lwz r2,SL_R2(r1)
lmw r12,SL_R12(r1)
addi r1,r1,SL_SIZE
lwz r0,4(r1)
mtlr r0
mflr r4
mtsrr0 r4
mtsrr1 r3
#endif /* defined(CONFIG_PM) || defined(CONFIG_CPU_FREQ) */
.section .data
.balign L1_CACHE_BYTES
.long 0
.balign L1_CACHE_BYTES, 0
#endif /* CONFIG_6xx */
.section .text