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#ifndef USBUSX2Y_H
#define USBUSX2Y_H
#include "../usbaudio.h"
#include "../midi.h"
#include "usbus428ctldefs.h"
#define NRURBS 2
#define URBS_AsyncSeq 10
#define URB_DataLen_AsyncSeq 32
struct snd_usX2Y_AsyncSeq {
struct urb *urb[URBS_AsyncSeq];
char *buffer;
struct snd_usX2Y_urbSeq {
int submitted;
int len;
struct urb *urb[0];
#include "usx2yhwdeppcm.h"
struct usX2Ydev {
struct usb_device *dev;
int card_index;
int stride;
struct urb *In04urb;
void *In04Buf;
char In04Last[24];
unsigned In04IntCalls;
struct snd_usX2Y_urbSeq *US04;
wait_queue_head_t In04WaitQueue;
struct snd_usX2Y_AsyncSeq AS04;
unsigned int rate,
int chip_status;
struct mutex prepare_mutex;
struct us428ctls_sharedmem *us428ctls_sharedmem;
int wait_iso_frame;
wait_queue_head_t us428ctls_wait_queue_head;
struct snd_usX2Y_hwdep_pcm_shm *hwdep_pcm_shm;
struct snd_usX2Y_substream *subs[4];
struct snd_usX2Y_substream * volatile prepare_subs;
wait_queue_head_t prepare_wait_queue;
struct list_head midi_list;
struct list_head pcm_list;
int pcm_devs;
struct snd_usX2Y_substream {
struct usX2Ydev *usX2Y;
struct snd_pcm_substream *pcm_substream;
int endpoint;
unsigned int maxpacksize; /* max packet size in bytes */
atomic_t state;
#define state_STOPPED 0
#define state_STARTING1 1
#define state_STARTING2 2
#define state_STARTING3 3
#define state_PREPARED 4
#define state_PRERUNNING 6
#define state_RUNNING 8
int hwptr; /* free frame position in the buffer (only for playback) */
int hwptr_done; /* processed frame position in the buffer */
int transfer_done; /* processed frames since last period update */
struct urb *urb[NRURBS]; /* data urb table */
struct urb *completed_urb;
char *tmpbuf; /* temporary buffer for playback */
#define usX2Y(c) ((struct usX2Ydev *)(c)->private_data)
int usX2Y_audio_create(struct snd_card *card);
int usX2Y_AsyncSeq04_init(struct usX2Ydev *usX2Y);
int usX2Y_In04_init(struct usX2Ydev *usX2Y);