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* Copyright (C) 2010 Imagination Technologies
#include <asm/page.h>
/* Page of kernel code accessible to userspace. */
#define USER_GATEWAY_PAGE 0x6ffff000
/* Offset of TLS pointer array in gateway page. */
#define USER_GATEWAY_TLS 0x100
#ifndef __ASSEMBLY__
extern char __user_gateway_start;
extern char __user_gateway_end;
/* Kernel mapping of the gateway page. */
extern void *gateway_page;
static inline void set_gateway_tls(void __user *tls_ptr)
void **gateway_tls = (void **)(gateway_page + USER_GATEWAY_TLS +
hard_processor_id() * 4);
*gateway_tls = (__force void *)tls_ptr;
/* Avoid cache aliases on virtually tagged cache. */
__builtin_dcache_flush((void *)USER_GATEWAY_PAGE + USER_GATEWAY_TLS +
hard_processor_id() * sizeof(void *));
extern int __kuser_get_tls(void);
extern char *__kuser_get_tls_end[];
extern int __kuser_cmpxchg(int, int, unsigned long *);
extern char *__kuser_cmpxchg_end[];