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! Copyright (C) 2008-2012 Imagination Technologies Ltd.
.global _memset
.type _memset,function
! D1Ar1 dst
! D0Ar2 c
! D1Ar3 cnt
! D0Re0 dst
AND D0Ar2,D0Ar2,#0xFF ! Ensure a byte input value
MULW D0Ar2,D0Ar2,#0x0101 ! Duplicate byte value into 0-15
ANDS D0Ar4,D1Ar1,#7 ! Extract bottom LSBs of dst
LSL D0Re0,D0Ar2,#16 ! Duplicate byte value into 16-31
ADD A0.2,D0Ar2,D0Re0 ! Duplicate byte value into 4 (A0.2)
MOV D0Re0,D1Ar1 ! Return dst
BZ $LLongStub ! if start address is aligned
! start address is not aligned on an 8 byte boundary, so we
! need the number of bytes up to the next 8 byte address
! boundary, or the length of the string if less than 8, in D1Ar5
MOV D0Ar2,#8 ! Need 8 - N in D1Ar5 ...
SUB D1Ar5,D0Ar2,D0Ar4 ! ... subtract N
CMP D1Ar3,D1Ar5
B $LByteStub ! dst is mis-aligned, do $LByteStub
! Preamble to LongLoop which generates 4*8 bytes per interation (5 cycles)
LSRS D0Ar2,D1Ar3,#5
AND D1Ar3,D1Ar3,#0x1F
MOV A1.2,A0.2
BEQ $LLongishStub
CMP D1Ar3,#0
SETL [D1Ar1++],A0.2,A1.2
SETL [D1Ar1++],A0.2,A1.2
SETL [D1Ar1++],A0.2,A1.2
SETL [D1Ar1++],A0.2,A1.2
BR $LLongLoop
BZ $Lexit
! Preamble to LongishLoop which generates 1*8 bytes per interation (2 cycles)
LSRS D0Ar2,D1Ar3,#3
AND D1Ar3,D1Ar3,#0x7
MOV D1Ar5,D1Ar3
BEQ $LByteStub
CMP D1Ar3,#0
SETL [D1Ar1++],A0.2,A1.2
BR $LLongishLoop
BZ $Lexit
! This does a byte structured burst of up to 7 bytes
! D1Ar1 should point to the location required
! D1Ar3 should be the remaining total byte count
! D1Ar5 should be burst size (<= D1Ar3)
SUBS D1Ar3,D1Ar3,D1Ar5 ! Reduce count
ADD D1Ar1,D1Ar1,D1Ar5 ! Advance pointer to end of area
MULW D1Ar5,D1Ar5,#4 ! Scale to (1*4), (2*4), (3*4)
SUB D1Ar5,D1Ar5,#(8*4) ! Rebase to -(7*4), -(6*4), -(5*4), ...
MOV A1.2,D1Ar5
SUB PC,CPC1,A1.2 ! Jump into table below
SETB [D1Ar1+#(-7)],A0.2
SETB [D1Ar1+#(-6)],A0.2
SETB [D1Ar1+#(-5)],A0.2
SETB [D1Ar1+#(-4)],A0.2
SETB [D1Ar1+#(-3)],A0.2
SETB [D1Ar1+#(-2)],A0.2
SETB [D1Ar1+#(-1)],A0.2
! Return if all data has been output, otherwise do $LLongStub
BNZ $LLongStub
.size _memset,.-_memset