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#include "kvm/parse-options.h"
struct kvm_config_arch {
const char *dump_dtb_filename;
unsigned int force_cntfrq;
bool virtio_trans_pci;
bool aarch32_guest;
bool has_pmuv3;
const char *pmu_filter;
u64 kaslr_seed;
enum irqchip_type irqchip;
u64 fw_addr;
int irqchip_parser(const struct option *opt, const char *arg, int unset);
#define OPT_ARCH_RUN(pfx, cfg) \
pfx, \
OPT_STRING('\0', "dump-dtb", &(cfg)->dump_dtb_filename, \
".dtb file", "Dump generated .dtb to specified file"), \
OPT_UINTEGER('\0', "override-bad-firmware-cntfrq", &(cfg)->force_cntfrq,\
"Specify Generic Timer frequency in guest DT to " \
"work around buggy secure firmware *Firmware should be " \
"updated to program CNTFRQ correctly*"), \
OPT_BOOLEAN('\0', "force-pci", &(cfg)->virtio_trans_pci, \
"Force virtio devices to use PCI as their default " \
"transport"), \
OPT_CALLBACK('\0', "irqchip", &(cfg)->irqchip, \
"[gicv2|gicv2m|gicv3|gicv3-its]", \
"Type of interrupt controller to emulate in the guest", \
irqchip_parser, NULL), \
OPT_U64('\0', "firmware-address", &(cfg)->fw_addr, \
"Address where firmware should be loaded"),