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#include <errno.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <arpa/inet.h>
#include "reglib.h"
static void reg_rule2rd(__u8 *db, int dblen,
__be32 ruleptr, struct ieee80211_reg_rule *rd_reg_rule)
struct regdb_file_reg_rule *rule;
struct regdb_file_freq_range *freq;
struct regdb_file_power_rule *power;
struct ieee80211_freq_range *rd_freq_range = &rd_reg_rule->freq_range;
struct ieee80211_power_rule *rd_power_rule = &rd_reg_rule->power_rule;
rule = crda_get_file_ptr(db, dblen, sizeof(*rule), ruleptr);
freq = crda_get_file_ptr(db, dblen, sizeof(*freq), rule->freq_range_ptr);
power = crda_get_file_ptr(db, dblen, sizeof(*power), rule->power_rule_ptr);
rd_freq_range->start_freq_khz = ntohl(freq->start_freq);
rd_freq_range->end_freq_khz = ntohl(freq->end_freq);
rd_freq_range->max_bandwidth_khz = ntohl(freq->max_bandwidth);
rd_power_rule->max_antenna_gain = ntohl(power->max_antenna_gain);
rd_power_rule->max_eirp = ntohl(power->max_eirp);
rd_reg_rule->flags = ntohl(rule->flags);
/* Converts a file regdomain to ieee80211_regdomain, easier to manage */
struct ieee80211_regdomain *country2rd(__u8 *db, int dblen,
struct regdb_file_reg_country *country)
struct regdb_file_reg_rules_collection *rcoll;
struct ieee80211_regdomain *rd;
int i, num_rules, size_of_rd;
rcoll = crda_get_file_ptr(db, dblen, sizeof(*rcoll),
num_rules = ntohl(rcoll->reg_rule_num);
/* re-get pointer with sanity checking for num_rules */
rcoll = crda_get_file_ptr(db, dblen,
sizeof(*rcoll) + num_rules * sizeof(__be32),
size_of_rd = sizeof(struct ieee80211_regdomain) +
num_rules * sizeof(struct ieee80211_reg_rule);
rd = malloc(size_of_rd);
if (!rd)
return NULL;
memset(rd, 0, size_of_rd);
rd->alpha2[0] = country->alpha2[0];
rd->alpha2[1] = country->alpha2[1];
rd->n_reg_rules = num_rules;
for (i = 0; i < num_rules; i++) {
reg_rule2rd(db, dblen, rcoll->reg_rule_ptrs[i],
return rd;
static void print_reg_rule(struct ieee80211_reg_rule *rule)
struct ieee80211_freq_range *freq;
struct ieee80211_power_rule *power;
freq = &rule->freq_range;
power = &rule->power_rule;
printf("\t(%.3f - %.3f @ %.3f), ",
if (power->max_antenna_gain)
printf("%.2f, ", ((float)(power->max_antenna_gain)/100.0));
printf("N/A, ");
if (power->max_eirp)
printf("%.2f)", ((float)(power->max_eirp)/100.0));
if (rule->flags & RRF_NO_OFDM)
printf(", NO-OFDM");
if (rule->flags & RRF_NO_CCK)
printf(", NO-CCK");
if (rule->flags & RRF_NO_INDOOR)
printf(", NO-INDOOR");
if (rule->flags & RRF_NO_OUTDOOR)
printf(", NO-OUTDOOR");
if (rule->flags & RRF_DFS)
printf(", DFS");
if (rule->flags & RRF_PTP_ONLY)
printf(", PTP-ONLY");
if (rule->flags & RRF_PTMP_ONLY)
printf(", PTMP-ONLY");
if (rule->flags & RRF_PASSIVE_SCAN)
printf(", PASSIVE-SCAN");
if (rule->flags & RRF_NO_IBSS)
printf(", NO-IBSS");
void print_regdom(struct ieee80211_regdomain *rd)
unsigned int i;
printf("country %.2s:\n", rd->alpha2);
for (i = 0; i < rd->n_reg_rules; i++)