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Stacked Git 0.16 released
StGit is a Python application providing functionality similar to Quilt
(i.e. pushing/popping patches to/from a stack) on top of Git. These
operations are performed using Git commands, and the patches are
stored as Git commit objects, allowing easy merging of the StGit
patches into other repositories using standard Git functionality.
Main repository: git://
Project homepage:
Mailing list:
Bug tracker:
The main changes since release 0.15 are:
- Several improvements to the Emacs mode (stgit.el).
- UI adjustments to better match the Git commands.
+ "stg status" is an alias for "git status".
+ "stg reset --hard" behaves similarly to the corresponding git command
and option.
- "stg branch --cleanup" option to remove the StGit metadata for a given
- "stg mail" can use "git send-email" directly.
- Vim syntax highlighting for StGit commit messages.
- Many bug-fixes.
Many thanks to all the StGit contributors.
[Insert output of "git shortlog v0.15..v0.16" here before sending!]