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133c3d434d91 ("crypto: omap-sham - convert to use crypto engine")
281c377872ff ("crypto: omap-sham - add proper load balancing support for multicore")
60a0894c323a ("crypto: omap-sham - fix split update cases with cryptomgr tests")
2b352489d0d6 ("crypto: omap-sham - fix buffer handling for split test cases")
462519fc2699 ("crypto: omap-sham - split up data to multiple sg elements with huge data")
62f7c708ff2f ("crypto: omap-sham - make queue length configurable")
c9af5995d5a8 ("crypto: omap-sham - make fallback size configurable")
4c219855a595 ("crypto: omap-sham - Verify page zone of scatterlists before starting DMA")