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#include <linux/suspend.h>
#include <linux/utsname.h>
/* With SUSPEND_CONSOLE defined suspend looks *really* cool, but
we probably do not take enough locks for switching consoles, etc,
so bad things might happen.
#if defined(CONFIG_VT) && defined(CONFIG_VT_CONSOLE)
#define MAX_PBES ((PAGE_SIZE - sizeof(struct new_utsname) \
- 4 - 3*sizeof(unsigned long) - sizeof(int) \
- sizeof(void *)) / sizeof(swp_entry_t))
struct swsusp_info {
struct new_utsname uts;
u32 version_code;
unsigned long num_physpages;
int cpus;
unsigned long image_pages;
unsigned long pagedir_pages;
suspend_pagedir_t * suspend_pagedir;
swp_entry_t pagedir[MAX_PBES];
} __attribute__((aligned(PAGE_SIZE)));
extern int pm_suspend_disk(void);
static inline int pm_suspend_disk(void)
return -EPERM;
extern struct semaphore pm_sem;
#define power_attr(_name) \
static struct subsys_attribute _name##_attr = { \
.attr = { \
.name = __stringify(_name), \
.mode = 0644, \
}, \
.show = _name##_show, \
.store = _name##_store, \
extern struct subsystem power_subsys;
extern int freeze_processes(void);
extern void thaw_processes(void);
extern int pm_prepare_console(void);
extern void pm_restore_console(void);
/* References to section boundaries */
extern const void __nosave_begin, __nosave_end;
extern unsigned int nr_copy_pages;
extern suspend_pagedir_t *pagedir_nosave;
extern suspend_pagedir_t *pagedir_save;
extern asmlinkage int swsusp_arch_suspend(void);
extern asmlinkage int swsusp_arch_resume(void);
extern void free_pagedir(struct pbe *pblist);
extern struct pbe *alloc_pagedir(unsigned nr_pages, gfp_t gfp_mask, int safe_needed);
extern void create_pbe_list(struct pbe *pblist, unsigned nr_pages);
extern void swsusp_free(void);
extern int alloc_data_pages(struct pbe *pblist, gfp_t gfp_mask, int safe_needed);