Intel Wired LAN patch queue for net

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  1. e4d4a27 Merge branch '40GbE' of git:// by Jakub Kicinski · 2 days ago master
  2. 7d18dbdd atm: firestream: Use fallthrough pseudo-keyword by Wei Ming Chen · 3 days ago
  3. 8a7cb24 net: stmmac: Do not enable RX FIFO overflow interrupts by Yannick Vignon · 4 days ago
  4. 578c18ef mptcp: fix splat when closing unaccepted socket by Paolo Abeni · 3 days ago
  5. 8085a36 i40e: Remove LLDP frame filters by Arkadiusz Kubalewski · 3 weeks ago 40GbE
  6. 15395ec i40e: Fix PHY type identifiers for 2.5G and 5G adapters by Mateusz Palczewski · 4 weeks ago
  7. 61343e6 i40e: fix the restart auto-negotiation after FEC modified by Jaroslaw Gawin · 4 weeks ago
  8. 38318f2 i40e: Fix use-after-free in i40e_client_subtask() by Yunjian Wang · 4 weeks ago
  9. ae4393d i40e: fix broken XDP support by Magnus Karlsson · 14 days ago
  10. a6f8ee5 tcp: Specify cmsgbuf is user pointer for receive zerocopy. by Arjun Roy · 3 days ago
  11. cbaf3f6af mlxsw: spectrum_mr: Update egress RIF list before route's action by Ido Schimmel · 4 days ago
  12. 6a780f5 net: ipa: fix inter-EE IRQ register definitions by Alex Elder · 4 days ago
  13. 9f3c3b4 Merge tag 'linux-can-fixes-for-5.13-20210506' of git:// by Jakub Kicinski · 3 days ago
  14. e04b2cf can: m_can: m_can_tx_work_queue(): fix tx_skb race condition by Marc Kleine-Budde · 5 days ago
  15. 03c4271 can: mcp251x: fix resume from sleep before interface was brought up by Frieder Schrempf · 5 days ago
  16. 4376ea4 can: mcp251xfd: mcp251xfd_probe(): add missing can_rx_offload_del() in error path by Marc Kleine-Budde · 8 days ago
  17. 4cc7faa can: mcp251xfd: mcp251xfd_probe(): fix an error pointer dereference in probe by Dan Carpenter · 7 days ago
  18. 8621436 smc: disallow TCP_ULP in smc_setsockopt() by Cong Wang · 5 days ago
  19. 2c16db6 net: fix nla_strcmp to handle more then one trailing null character by Maciej Żenczykowski · 5 days ago
  20. 52bfcdd8 net:CXGB4: fix leak if sk_buff is not used by Íñigo Huguet · 5 days ago