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config CAN_MSCAN
depends on CAN_DEV && (PPC || M68K)
tristate "Support for Freescale MSCAN based chips"
The Motorola Scalable Controller Area Network (MSCAN) definition
is based on the MSCAN12 definition which is the specific
implementation of the Motorola Scalable CAN concept targeted for
the Motorola MC68HC12 Microcontroller Family.
config CAN_MPC5XXX
tristate "Freescale MPC5xxx onboard CAN controller"
depends on (PPC_MPC52xx || PPC_MPC512x)
If you say yes here you get support for Freescale's MPC5xxx
onboard CAN controller. Currently, the MPC5200, MPC5200B and
MPC5121 (Rev. 2 and later) are supported.
This driver can also be built as a module. If so, the module
will be called mscan-mpc5xxx.ko.