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# Makefile for some libs needed in the kernel.
# Note! Dependencies are done automagically by 'make dep', which also
# removes any old dependencies. DON'T put your own dependencies here
# unless it's something special (ie not a .c file).
L_TARGET := lib.a
export-objs := cmdline.o dec_and_lock.o rwsem-spinlock.o rwsem.o \
rbtree.o crc32.o firmware_class.o string.o
obj-y := errno.o ctype.o string.o vsprintf.o brlock.o cmdline.o \
bust_spinlocks.o rbtree.o dump_stack.o
obj-$(CONFIG_FW_LOADER) += firmware_class.o
obj-$(CONFIG_RWSEM_GENERIC_SPINLOCK) += rwsem-spinlock.o
obj-y += dec_and_lock.o
obj-$(CONFIG_CRC32) += crc32.o
subdir-$(CONFIG_ZLIB_INFLATE) += zlib_inflate
subdir-$(CONFIG_ZLIB_DEFLATE) += zlib_deflate
include $(TOPDIR)/drivers/net/Makefile.lib
include $(TOPDIR)/drivers/usb/Makefile.lib
include $(TOPDIR)/drivers/bluetooth/Makefile.lib
include $(TOPDIR)/fs/Makefile.lib
include $(TOPDIR)/net/bluetooth/bnep/Makefile.lib
# Include the subdirs, if necessary.
obj-y += $(join $(subdir-y),$(subdir-y:%=/%.o))
include $(TOPDIR)/Rules.make
crc32.o: crc32table.h
gen_crc32table: gen_crc32table.c
$(HOSTCC) $(HOSTCFLAGS) -o $@ $<
crc32table.h: gen_crc32table
./$< > $@