WireGuard kernel module backport for Linux 3.10 - 5.5

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  1. 122f06b compat: icmp_ndo_send functions were backported extensively by Jason A. Donenfeld · 6 weeks ago master
  2. 6e36d32 version: bump by Jason A. Donenfeld · 8 weeks ago v1.0.20210219
  3. 72a0fe5 qemu: bump default kernel version by Jason A. Donenfeld · 8 weeks ago
  4. 51aff05 compat: zero out skb->cb before icmp by Jason A. Donenfeld · 8 weeks ago
  5. cad8059 compat: skb_mark_not_on_list will be backported to Ubuntu 18.04 by Thadeu Lima de Souza Cascardo · 8 weeks ago

WireGuard for Linux 3.10 - 5.5

WireGuard was merged into the Linux kernel for 5.6. This repository contains a backport of WireGuard for kernels 3.10 to 5.5, as an out of tree module.

More information may be found at WireGuard.com.


This project is released under the GPLv2.