WireGuard for the Linux kernel

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  1. 1311c750 wireguard: timers: move to using timer_delete_sync by Jason A. Donenfeld · 10 days ago stable
  2. 543e550 wireguard: netlink: send staged packets when setting initial private key by Jason A. Donenfeld · 2 weeks ago
  3. 54d5e43 wireguard: queueing: use saner cpu selection wrapping by Jason A. Donenfeld · 3 months ago
  4. ab87603 net: wwan: t7xx: Ensure init is completed before system sleep by Kai-Heng Feng · 2 weeks ago davem/net
  5. 9ba9485 net: selftests: Fix optstring by Benjamin Poirier · 2 weeks ago
  6. c46e78b net: pcs: xpcs: fix C73 AN not getting enabled by Vladimir Oltean · 2 weeks ago
  7. 6082914 net: wwan: iosm: fix NULL pointer dereference when removing device by M Chetan Kumar · 2 weeks ago
  8. dacab57 vlan: fix a potential uninit-value in vlan_dev_hard_start_xmit() by Eric Dumazet · 2 weeks ago
  9. 66353ba mailmap: add entries for Nikolay Aleksandrov by Nikolay Aleksandrov · 2 weeks ago
  10. 60d7586 igb: fix bit_shift to be in [1..8] range by Aleksandr Loktionov · 2 weeks ago
  11. 5ad3bd8 Merge branch '100GbE' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/tnguy/net-queue by David S. Miller · 2 weeks ago
  12. 1323e0c net: dsa: mv88e6xxx: Fix mv88e6393x EPC write command offset by Marco Migliore · 2 weeks ago
  13. 412cd77 cassini: Fix a memory leak in the error handling path of cas_init_one() by Christophe JAILLET · 3 weeks ago
  14. 82b2bc2 tun: Fix memory leak for detached NAPI queue. by Kuniyuki Iwashima · 3 weeks ago
  15. 6ad85ed Merge tag 'ipsec-2023-05-16' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/klassert/ipsec by Jakub Kicinski · 2 weeks ago
  16. 47d55c6 Merge tag 'linux-can-fixes-for-6.4-20230515' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/mkl/linux-can by Jakub Kicinski · 2 weeks ago
  17. d6352dae devlink: Fix crash with CONFIG_NET_NS=n by Ido Schimmel · 3 weeks ago
  18. 7dcbdf2 iavf: send VLAN offloading caps once after VFR by Ahmed Zaki · 7 weeks ago
  19. 7255355 ice: Fix ice VF reset during iavf initialization by Dawid Wesierski · 6 weeks ago
  20. ab7470b ice: Fix stats after PF reset by Ahmed Zaki · 7 weeks ago