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MCE test suite
The MCE test suite is a collection of tools and test scripts for
testing the Linux kernel MCE processing features. The goal is to cover
most Linux kernel MCE processing code paths and features with
automation tests.
In the Package
Here is a short description of what is included in the package
This document
GNU General Public License
Top level make file for MCE test suite
Contains test drivers, which drive test procedure and do some
common works for test drivers. There is one directory for each
test driver, the user interface of a driver is the
in corresponding directory, such as:
is user interface of kdump test driver.
Contains all test cases, which may be organized in
sub-directories, the interface of a class of test cases is a
shell script under cases/, such as:
-- cases/soft-inj/panic/
is for test cases triggered by soft-inject and may cause system
panic during testing.
-- cases/apei-inj/ucr/
is for test cases triggered by apei-inject.
Contains test configuration files, which specifies the
parameters for test driver, which test cases are used in test,
the parameters for test cases, etc.
Some standalone test programs for various parts of the machine
check code.
Contains some shell scripts, in which some common shell
functions and variable definitions are defined to be used by
multiple test drivers or test cases.
Some tools used by MCE test suites.
Documentation for MCE test suites include howto and
descriptions of every test case.
When test is done, the test result will be placed in this
directory, test results for a specific test driver will be
placed in corresponding directory, such as test results of
kdump test driver will be placed in "results/kdump". General
test result is in results/$driver/result; additional results
of various cases may be in corresponding directory, for
example, files in
is for additional result for test case soft-inj/panic/fatal.
During test, some temporary file will be put in work
directory, temporary files for a specific test driver will be
placed in corresponding directory, such as temporary files of
kdump test driver will be placed in "work/kdump". Test log is
in work/$driver/log.
Some tools used by test drivers or test cases will be
installed into this directory.
Linux MCE stress test suite.
Test Instruction
Please refer to corresponding section in doc/howto.txt.
Very quick way to test this:
be root
make sure you have a kernel with CONFIG_X86_MCE_INJECT
and CONFIG_HWPOISON_INJECT and soft-offlining support
run "make test"
Futher Information
For futher information about MCE test suite, please refer to documents
in doc sub-directory.
doc/howto.txt: a more detailed HOWTO document
doc/stress-howto.txt: Detailed HOWTO document for MCE stress test suite
doc/cases/*.txt: Description of every test case, including test
objective, code patch tested, reference and
expected results