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* Copyright (c) 2014-2016, Intel Corporation.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
* under the terms and conditions of the GNU Lesser General Public License,
* version 2.1, as published by the Free Software Foundation.
* This program is distributed in the hope it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY
* WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS
* FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU Lesser General Public License for
* more details.
#ifndef _LIBNDCTL_H_
#define _LIBNDCTL_H_
#include <stdbool.h>
#include <stdarg.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <errno.h>
#include <uuid/uuid.h>
typedef unsigned char uuid_t[16];
* "nd/ndctl" device/object hierarchy and kernel modules
* +-----------+-----------+-----------+------------------+-----------+
* +-----------+-----------+-----------+------------------+-----------+
* | MODULES: | nd_core | nd_core | nd_region | nd_pmem |
* | | nd_acpi | nd_region | | nd_blk |
* | | nfit_test | | | btt |
* +-----------v-----------v-----------v------------------v-----------v
* +-----+
* | CTX |
* +--+--+ +---------+ +--------------+ +-------+
* | +-> REGION0 +---> NAMESPACE0.0 +---> PMEM3 |
* +-------+ +--+---+ | +---------+ +--------------+ +-------+
* | DIMM0 <-----+ BUS0 +---> REGION1 +---> NAMESPACE1.0 +---> PMEM2 |
* +-------+ +--+---+ | +---------+ +--------------+ +-------+
* | +-> REGION2 +---> NAMESPACE2.0 +---> PMEM1 |
* | +---------+ + ------------ + +-------+
* |
* +-------+ | +---------+ +--------------+ +-------+
* | DIMM1 <---+ +--+---+ +-> REGION3 +---> NAMESPACE3.0 +---> PMEM0 |
* +-------+ +-+ BUS1 +-+ +---------+ +--------------+ +-------+
* | DIMM2 <---+ +--+---+ +-> REGION4 +---> NAMESPACE4.0 +---> ND0 |
* +-------+ | + ------- + +--------------+ +-------+
* |
* +-------+ | +--------------+ +-------+
* | DIMM3 <---+ | +-> NAMESPACE5.0 +---> ND2 |
* +-------+ | +--+---+ +---------+ | +--------------+ +---------------+
* | DIMM4 <-----+ BUS2 +---> REGION5 +---> NAMESPACE5.1 +---> BTT1 | ND1 |
* +-------+ | +------+ +---------+ | +--------------+ +---------------+
* | DIMM5 <---+ +-> NAMESPACE5.2 +---> BTT0 | ND0 |
* +-------+ +--------------+ +-------+-------+
* Notes:
* 1/ The object ids are not guaranteed to be stable from boot to boot
* 2/ While regions and busses are numbered in sequential/bus-discovery
* order, the resulting block devices may appear to have random ids.
* Use static attributes of the devices/device-path to generate a
* persistent name.
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
size_t ndctl_min_namespace_size(void);
size_t ndctl_sizeof_namespace_index(void);
size_t ndctl_sizeof_namespace_label(void);
struct ndctl_ctx;
struct ndctl_ctx *ndctl_ref(struct ndctl_ctx *ctx);
struct ndctl_ctx *ndctl_unref(struct ndctl_ctx *ctx);
int ndctl_new(struct ndctl_ctx **ctx);
void ndctl_set_private_data(struct ndctl_ctx *ctx, void *data);
void *ndctl_get_private_data(struct ndctl_ctx *ctx);
struct daxctl_ctx;
struct daxctl_ctx *ndctl_get_daxctl_ctx(struct ndctl_ctx *ctx);
void ndctl_invalidate(struct ndctl_ctx *ctx);
void ndctl_set_log_fn(struct ndctl_ctx *ctx,
void (*log_fn)(struct ndctl_ctx *ctx,
int priority, const char *file, int line, const char *fn,
const char *format, va_list args));
int ndctl_get_log_priority(struct ndctl_ctx *ctx);
void ndctl_set_log_priority(struct ndctl_ctx *ctx, int priority);
void ndctl_set_userdata(struct ndctl_ctx *ctx, void *userdata);
void *ndctl_get_userdata(struct ndctl_ctx *ctx);
struct ndctl_bus;
struct ndctl_bus *ndctl_bus_get_first(struct ndctl_ctx *ctx);
struct ndctl_bus *ndctl_bus_get_next(struct ndctl_bus *bus);
#define ndctl_bus_foreach(ctx, bus) \
for (bus = ndctl_bus_get_first(ctx); \
bus != NULL; \
bus = ndctl_bus_get_next(bus))
struct ndctl_ctx *ndctl_bus_get_ctx(struct ndctl_bus *bus);
int ndctl_bus_has_nfit(struct ndctl_bus *bus);
unsigned int ndctl_bus_get_major(struct ndctl_bus *bus);
unsigned int ndctl_bus_get_minor(struct ndctl_bus *bus);
const char *ndctl_bus_get_devname(struct ndctl_bus *bus);
struct ndctl_bus *ndctl_bus_get_by_provider(struct ndctl_ctx *ctx,
const char *provider);
const char *ndctl_bus_get_cmd_name(struct ndctl_bus *bus, int cmd);
int ndctl_bus_is_cmd_supported(struct ndctl_bus *bus, int cmd);
unsigned int ndctl_bus_get_revision(struct ndctl_bus *bus);
unsigned int ndctl_bus_get_id(struct ndctl_bus *bus);
const char *ndctl_bus_get_provider(struct ndctl_bus *bus);
int ndctl_bus_wait_probe(struct ndctl_bus *bus);
struct ndctl_dimm;
struct ndctl_dimm *ndctl_dimm_get_first(struct ndctl_bus *bus);
struct ndctl_dimm *ndctl_dimm_get_next(struct ndctl_dimm *dimm);
#define ndctl_dimm_foreach(bus, dimm) \
for (dimm = ndctl_dimm_get_first(bus); \
dimm != NULL; \
dimm = ndctl_dimm_get_next(dimm))
unsigned int ndctl_dimm_get_handle(struct ndctl_dimm *dimm);
unsigned short ndctl_dimm_get_phys_id(struct ndctl_dimm *dimm);
unsigned short ndctl_dimm_get_vendor(struct ndctl_dimm *dimm);
unsigned short ndctl_dimm_get_device(struct ndctl_dimm *dimm);
unsigned short ndctl_dimm_get_revision(struct ndctl_dimm *dimm);
unsigned short ndctl_dimm_get_subsystem_vendor(struct ndctl_dimm *dimm);
unsigned short ndctl_dimm_get_subsystem_device(struct ndctl_dimm *dimm);
unsigned short ndctl_dimm_get_manufacturing_date(struct ndctl_dimm *dimm);
unsigned char ndctl_dimm_get_manufacturing_location(struct ndctl_dimm *dimm);
unsigned short ndctl_dimm_get_subsystem_revision(struct ndctl_dimm *dimm);
unsigned short ndctl_dimm_get_format(struct ndctl_dimm *dimm);
int ndctl_dimm_get_formats(struct ndctl_dimm *dimm);
int ndctl_dimm_get_formatN(struct ndctl_dimm *dimm, int i);
unsigned int ndctl_dimm_get_major(struct ndctl_dimm *dimm);
unsigned int ndctl_dimm_get_minor(struct ndctl_dimm *dimm);
unsigned int ndctl_dimm_get_id(struct ndctl_dimm *dimm);
const char *ndctl_dimm_get_unique_id(struct ndctl_dimm *dimm);
unsigned int ndctl_dimm_get_serial(struct ndctl_dimm *dimm);
const char *ndctl_dimm_get_cmd_name(struct ndctl_dimm *dimm, int cmd);
int ndctl_dimm_is_cmd_supported(struct ndctl_dimm *dimm, int cmd);
int ndctl_dimm_has_errors(struct ndctl_dimm *dimm);
int ndctl_dimm_has_notifications(struct ndctl_dimm *dimm);
int ndctl_dimm_failed_save(struct ndctl_dimm *dimm);
int ndctl_dimm_failed_arm(struct ndctl_dimm *dimm);
int ndctl_dimm_failed_restore(struct ndctl_dimm *dimm);
int ndctl_dimm_failed_map(struct ndctl_dimm *dimm);
int ndctl_dimm_smart_pending(struct ndctl_dimm *dimm);
int ndctl_dimm_failed_flush(struct ndctl_dimm *dimm);
int ndctl_dimm_get_health_eventfd(struct ndctl_dimm *dimm);
unsigned int ndctl_dimm_handle_get_node(struct ndctl_dimm *dimm);
unsigned int ndctl_dimm_handle_get_socket(struct ndctl_dimm *dimm);
unsigned int ndctl_dimm_handle_get_imc(struct ndctl_dimm *dimm);
unsigned int ndctl_dimm_handle_get_channel(struct ndctl_dimm *dimm);
unsigned int ndctl_dimm_handle_get_dimm(struct ndctl_dimm *dimm);
const char *ndctl_dimm_get_devname(struct ndctl_dimm *dimm);
struct ndctl_bus *ndctl_dimm_get_bus(struct ndctl_dimm *dimm);
struct ndctl_smart_ops *ndctl_dimm_get_smart_ops(struct ndctl_dimm *dimm);
struct ndctl_ctx *ndctl_dimm_get_ctx(struct ndctl_dimm *dimm);
struct ndctl_dimm *ndctl_dimm_get_by_handle(struct ndctl_bus *bus,
unsigned int handle);
struct ndctl_dimm *ndctl_bus_get_dimm_by_physical_address(struct ndctl_bus *bus,
unsigned long long address);
int ndctl_dimm_is_active(struct ndctl_dimm *dimm);
int ndctl_dimm_is_enabled(struct ndctl_dimm *dimm);
int ndctl_dimm_disable(struct ndctl_dimm *dimm);
int ndctl_dimm_enable(struct ndctl_dimm *dimm);
struct ndctl_cmd;
#if HAS_ARS == 1
struct ndctl_cmd *ndctl_bus_cmd_new_ars_cap(struct ndctl_bus *bus,
unsigned long long address, unsigned long long len);
struct ndctl_cmd *ndctl_bus_cmd_new_ars_start(struct ndctl_cmd *ars_cap, int type);
struct ndctl_cmd *ndctl_bus_cmd_new_ars_status(struct ndctl_cmd *ars_cap);
struct ndctl_range {
unsigned long long address;
unsigned long long length;
unsigned int ndctl_cmd_ars_cap_get_size(struct ndctl_cmd *ars_cap);
int ndctl_cmd_ars_cap_get_range(struct ndctl_cmd *ars_cap,
struct ndctl_range *range);
int ndctl_cmd_ars_in_progress(struct ndctl_cmd *ars_status);
unsigned int ndctl_cmd_ars_num_records(struct ndctl_cmd *ars_stat);
unsigned long long ndctl_cmd_ars_get_record_addr(struct ndctl_cmd *ars_stat,
unsigned int rec_index);
unsigned long long ndctl_cmd_ars_get_record_len(struct ndctl_cmd *ars_stat,
unsigned int rec_index);
* clear_error requires ars_cap, so we require HAS_CLEAR_ERROR to export
* the clear_error capability
struct ndctl_cmd *ndctl_bus_cmd_new_clear_error(unsigned long long address,
unsigned long long len, struct ndctl_cmd *ars_cap);
unsigned long long ndctl_cmd_clear_error_get_cleared(
struct ndctl_cmd *clear_err);
#else /* HAS_ARS == 0 */
static inline struct ndctl_cmd *ndctl_bus_cmd_new_ars_cap(struct ndctl_bus *bus,
unsigned long long address, unsigned long long len)
return NULL;
static inline struct ndctl_cmd *ndctl_bus_cmd_new_ars_start(
struct ndctl_cmd *ars_cap, int type)
return NULL;
static inline struct ndctl_cmd *ndctl_bus_cmd_new_ars_status(
struct ndctl_cmd *ars_cap)
return NULL;
static inline unsigned int ndctl_cmd_ars_cap_get_size(struct ndctl_cmd *ars_cap)
return 0;
struct ndctl_range;
static inline int ndctl_cmd_ars_cap_get_range(struct ndctl_cmd *ars_cap,
struct ndctl_range *range)
return -ENXIO;
static inline unsigned int ndctl_cmd_ars_in_progress(struct ndctl_cmd *ars_status)
return 0;
static inline unsigned int ndctl_cmd_ars_num_records(struct ndctl_cmd *ars_stat)
return 0;
static inline unsigned long long ndctl_cmd_ars_get_record_addr(
struct ndctl_cmd *ars_stat, unsigned int rec_index)
return 0;
static inline unsigned long long ndctl_cmd_ars_get_record_len(
struct ndctl_cmd *ars_stat, unsigned int rec_index)
return 0;
#endif /* HAS_ARS */
static inline struct ndctl_cmd *ndctl_bus_cmd_new_clear_error(
unsigned long long address, unsigned long long len,
struct ndctl_cmd *ars_cap)
return NULL;
static inline unsigned long long ndctl_cmd_clear_error_get_cleared(
struct ndctl_cmd *clear_err)
return 0;
#if HAS_SMART == 1
struct ndctl_cmd *ndctl_dimm_cmd_new_smart(struct ndctl_dimm *dimm);
unsigned int ndctl_cmd_smart_get_flags(struct ndctl_cmd *cmd);
unsigned int ndctl_cmd_smart_get_health(struct ndctl_cmd *cmd);
unsigned int ndctl_cmd_smart_get_temperature(struct ndctl_cmd *cmd);
unsigned int ndctl_cmd_smart_get_spares(struct ndctl_cmd *cmd);
unsigned int ndctl_cmd_smart_get_alarm_flags(struct ndctl_cmd *cmd);
unsigned int ndctl_cmd_smart_get_life_used(struct ndctl_cmd *cmd);
unsigned int ndctl_cmd_smart_get_shutdown_state(struct ndctl_cmd *cmd);
unsigned int ndctl_cmd_smart_get_vendor_size(struct ndctl_cmd *cmd);
unsigned char *ndctl_cmd_smart_get_vendor_data(struct ndctl_cmd *cmd);
struct ndctl_cmd *ndctl_dimm_cmd_new_smart_threshold(struct ndctl_dimm *dimm);
unsigned int ndctl_cmd_smart_threshold_get_alarm_control(struct ndctl_cmd *cmd);
unsigned int ndctl_cmd_smart_threshold_get_temperature(struct ndctl_cmd *cmd);
unsigned int ndctl_cmd_smart_threshold_get_spares(struct ndctl_cmd *cmd);
static inline struct ndctl_cmd *ndctl_dimm_cmd_new_smart(struct ndctl_dimm *dimm)
return NULL;
static inline unsigned int ndctl_cmd_smart_get_flags(struct ndctl_cmd *cmd)
return 0;
static inline unsigned int ndctl_cmd_smart_get_health(struct ndctl_cmd *cmd)
return 0;
static inline unsigned int ndctl_cmd_smart_get_temperature(struct ndctl_cmd *cmd)
return 0;
static inline unsigned int ndctl_cmd_smart_get_spares(struct ndctl_cmd *cmd)
return 0;
static inline unsigned int ndctl_cmd_smart_get_alarm_flags(struct ndctl_cmd *cmd)
return 0;
static inline unsigned int ndctl_cmd_smart_get_life_used(struct ndctl_cmd *cmd)
return 0;
static inline unsigned int ndctl_cmd_smart_get_shutdown_state(struct ndctl_cmd *cmd)
return 0;
static inline unsigned int ndctl_cmd_smart_get_vendor_size(struct ndctl_cmd *cmd)
return 0;
static inline unsigned char *ndctl_cmd_smart_get_vendor_data(struct ndctl_cmd *cmd)
return NULL;
static inline struct ndctl_cmd *ndctl_dimm_cmd_new_smart_threshold(
struct ndctl_dimm *dimm)
return NULL;
static inline unsigned int ndctl_cmd_smart_threshold_get_alarm_control(
struct ndctl_cmd *cmd)
return 0;
static inline unsigned int ndctl_cmd_smart_threshold_get_temperature(
struct ndctl_cmd *cmd)
return 0;
static inline unsigned int ndctl_cmd_smart_threshold_get_spares(
struct ndctl_cmd *cmd)
return 0;
struct ndctl_cmd *ndctl_dimm_cmd_new_vendor_specific(struct ndctl_dimm *dimm,
unsigned int opcode, size_t input_size, size_t output_size);
ssize_t ndctl_cmd_vendor_set_input(struct ndctl_cmd *cmd, void *buf,
unsigned int len);
ssize_t ndctl_cmd_vendor_get_output_size(struct ndctl_cmd *cmd);
ssize_t ndctl_cmd_vendor_get_output(struct ndctl_cmd *cmd, void *buf,
unsigned int len);
struct ndctl_cmd *ndctl_dimm_cmd_new_cfg_size(struct ndctl_dimm *dimm);
struct ndctl_cmd *ndctl_dimm_cmd_new_cfg_read(struct ndctl_cmd *cfg_size);
struct ndctl_cmd *ndctl_dimm_cmd_new_cfg_write(struct ndctl_cmd *cfg_read);
int ndctl_dimm_zero_labels(struct ndctl_dimm *dimm);
struct ndctl_cmd *ndctl_dimm_read_labels(struct ndctl_dimm *dimm);
int ndctl_dimm_validate_labels(struct ndctl_dimm *dimm);
enum ndctl_namespace_version {
int ndctl_dimm_init_labels(struct ndctl_dimm *dimm,
enum ndctl_namespace_version v);
unsigned long ndctl_dimm_get_available_labels(struct ndctl_dimm *dimm);
unsigned int ndctl_dimm_sizeof_namespace_label(struct ndctl_dimm *dimm);
unsigned int ndctl_cmd_cfg_size_get_size(struct ndctl_cmd *cfg_size);
ssize_t ndctl_cmd_cfg_read_get_data(struct ndctl_cmd *cfg_read, void *buf,
unsigned int len, unsigned int offset);
ssize_t ndctl_cmd_cfg_read_get_size(struct ndctl_cmd *cfg_read);
ssize_t ndctl_cmd_cfg_write_set_data(struct ndctl_cmd *cfg_write, void *buf,
unsigned int len, unsigned int offset);
ssize_t ndctl_cmd_cfg_write_zero_data(struct ndctl_cmd *cfg_write);
void ndctl_cmd_unref(struct ndctl_cmd *cmd);
void ndctl_cmd_ref(struct ndctl_cmd *cmd);
int ndctl_cmd_get_type(struct ndctl_cmd *cmd);
int ndctl_cmd_get_status(struct ndctl_cmd *cmd);
unsigned int ndctl_cmd_get_firmware_status(struct ndctl_cmd *cmd);
int ndctl_cmd_submit(struct ndctl_cmd *cmd);
struct badblock {
unsigned long long offset;
unsigned int len;
struct ndctl_region;
struct ndctl_region *ndctl_region_get_first(struct ndctl_bus *bus);
struct ndctl_region *ndctl_region_get_next(struct ndctl_region *region);
#define ndctl_region_foreach(bus, region) \
for (region = ndctl_region_get_first(bus); \
region != NULL; \
region = ndctl_region_get_next(region))
struct badblock *ndctl_region_get_first_badblock(struct ndctl_region *region);
struct badblock *ndctl_region_get_next_badblock(struct ndctl_region *region);
#define ndctl_region_badblock_foreach(region, badblock) \
for (badblock = ndctl_region_get_first_badblock(region); \
badblock != NULL; \
badblock = ndctl_region_get_next_badblock(region))
unsigned int ndctl_region_get_id(struct ndctl_region *region);
const char *ndctl_region_get_devname(struct ndctl_region *region);
unsigned int ndctl_region_get_interleave_ways(struct ndctl_region *region);
unsigned int ndctl_region_get_mappings(struct ndctl_region *region);
unsigned long long ndctl_region_get_size(struct ndctl_region *region);
unsigned long long ndctl_region_get_available_size(struct ndctl_region *region);
unsigned int ndctl_region_get_range_index(struct ndctl_region *region);
unsigned int ndctl_region_get_type(struct ndctl_region *region);
struct ndctl_namespace *ndctl_region_get_namespace_seed(
struct ndctl_region *region);
int ndctl_region_get_ro(struct ndctl_region *region);
int ndctl_region_set_ro(struct ndctl_region *region, int ro);
unsigned long long ndctl_region_get_resource(struct ndctl_region *region);
struct ndctl_btt *ndctl_region_get_btt_seed(struct ndctl_region *region);
struct ndctl_pfn *ndctl_region_get_pfn_seed(struct ndctl_region *region);
unsigned int ndctl_region_get_nstype(struct ndctl_region *region);
const char *ndctl_region_get_type_name(struct ndctl_region *region);
struct ndctl_bus *ndctl_region_get_bus(struct ndctl_region *region);
struct ndctl_ctx *ndctl_region_get_ctx(struct ndctl_region *region);
struct ndctl_dimm *ndctl_region_get_first_dimm(struct ndctl_region *region);
struct ndctl_dimm *ndctl_region_get_next_dimm(struct ndctl_region *region,
struct ndctl_dimm *dimm);
struct ndctl_region *ndctl_bus_get_region_by_physical_address(struct ndctl_bus *bus,
unsigned long long address);
#define ndctl_dimm_foreach_in_region(region, dimm) \
for (dimm = ndctl_region_get_first_dimm(region); \
dimm != NULL; \
dimm = ndctl_region_get_next_dimm(region, dimm))
int ndctl_region_is_enabled(struct ndctl_region *region);
int ndctl_region_enable(struct ndctl_region *region);
int ndctl_region_disable_invalidate(struct ndctl_region *region);
int ndctl_region_disable_preserve(struct ndctl_region *region);
void ndctl_region_cleanup(struct ndctl_region *region);
struct ndctl_interleave_set;
struct ndctl_interleave_set *ndctl_region_get_interleave_set(
struct ndctl_region *region);
struct ndctl_interleave_set *ndctl_interleave_set_get_first(
struct ndctl_bus *bus);
struct ndctl_interleave_set *ndctl_interleave_set_get_next(
struct ndctl_interleave_set *iset);
#define ndctl_interleave_set_foreach(bus, iset) \
for (iset = ndctl_interleave_set_get_first(bus); \
iset != NULL; \
iset = ndctl_interleave_set_get_next(iset))
#define ndctl_dimm_foreach_in_interleave_set(iset, dimm) \
for (dimm = ndctl_interleave_set_get_first_dimm(iset); \
dimm != NULL; \
dimm = ndctl_interleave_set_get_next_dimm(iset, dimm))
int ndctl_interleave_set_is_active(struct ndctl_interleave_set *iset);
unsigned long long ndctl_interleave_set_get_cookie(
struct ndctl_interleave_set *iset);
struct ndctl_region *ndctl_interleave_set_get_region(
struct ndctl_interleave_set *iset);
struct ndctl_dimm *ndctl_interleave_set_get_first_dimm(
struct ndctl_interleave_set *iset);
struct ndctl_dimm *ndctl_interleave_set_get_next_dimm(
struct ndctl_interleave_set *iset, struct ndctl_dimm *dimm);
struct ndctl_mapping;
struct ndctl_mapping *ndctl_mapping_get_first(struct ndctl_region *region);
struct ndctl_mapping *ndctl_mapping_get_next(struct ndctl_mapping *mapping);
#define ndctl_mapping_foreach(region, mapping) \
for (mapping = ndctl_mapping_get_first(region); \
mapping != NULL; \
mapping = ndctl_mapping_get_next(mapping))
struct ndctl_dimm *ndctl_mapping_get_dimm(struct ndctl_mapping *mapping);
struct ndctl_ctx *ndctl_mapping_get_ctx(struct ndctl_mapping *mapping);
struct ndctl_bus *ndctl_mapping_get_bus(struct ndctl_mapping *mapping);
struct ndctl_region *ndctl_mapping_get_region(struct ndctl_mapping *mapping);
unsigned long long ndctl_mapping_get_offset(struct ndctl_mapping *mapping);
unsigned long long ndctl_mapping_get_length(struct ndctl_mapping *mapping);
int ndctl_mapping_get_position(struct ndctl_mapping *mapping);
struct ndctl_namespace;
struct ndctl_namespace *ndctl_namespace_get_first(struct ndctl_region *region);
struct ndctl_namespace *ndctl_namespace_get_next(struct ndctl_namespace *ndns);
#define ndctl_namespace_foreach(region, ndns) \
for (ndns = ndctl_namespace_get_first(region); \
ndns != NULL; \
ndns = ndctl_namespace_get_next(ndns))
#define ndctl_namespace_foreach_safe(region, ndns, _ndns) \
for (ndns = ndctl_namespace_get_first(region), \
_ndns = ndns ? ndctl_namespace_get_next(ndns) : NULL; \
ndns != NULL; \
ndns = _ndns, \
_ndns = _ndns ? ndctl_namespace_get_next(_ndns) : NULL)
struct ndctl_ctx *ndctl_namespace_get_ctx(struct ndctl_namespace *ndns);
struct ndctl_bus *ndctl_namespace_get_bus(struct ndctl_namespace *ndns);
struct ndctl_region *ndctl_namespace_get_region(struct ndctl_namespace *ndns);
struct ndctl_btt *ndctl_namespace_get_btt(struct ndctl_namespace *ndns);
struct ndctl_pfn *ndctl_namespace_get_pfn(struct ndctl_namespace *ndns);
struct ndctl_dax *ndctl_namespace_get_dax(struct ndctl_namespace *ndns);
unsigned int ndctl_namespace_get_id(struct ndctl_namespace *ndns);
const char *ndctl_namespace_get_devname(struct ndctl_namespace *ndns);
unsigned int ndctl_namespace_get_type(struct ndctl_namespace *ndns);
const char *ndctl_namespace_get_type_name(struct ndctl_namespace *ndns);
const char *ndctl_namespace_get_block_device(struct ndctl_namespace *ndns);
enum ndctl_namespace_mode {
NDCTL_NS_MODE_UNKNOWN, /* must be last entry */
enum ndctl_namespace_mode ndctl_namespace_get_mode(
struct ndctl_namespace *ndns);
enum ndctl_namespace_mode ndctl_namespace_get_enforce_mode(
struct ndctl_namespace *ndns);
int ndctl_namespace_set_enforce_mode(struct ndctl_namespace *ndns,
enum ndctl_namespace_mode mode);
int ndctl_namespace_is_enabled(struct ndctl_namespace *ndns);
int ndctl_namespace_enable(struct ndctl_namespace *ndns);
int ndctl_namespace_disable(struct ndctl_namespace *ndns);
int ndctl_namespace_disable_invalidate(struct ndctl_namespace *ndns);
int ndctl_namespace_disable_safe(struct ndctl_namespace *ndns);
bool ndctl_namespace_is_active(struct ndctl_namespace *ndns);
int ndctl_namespace_is_valid(struct ndctl_namespace *ndns);
int ndctl_namespace_is_configured(struct ndctl_namespace *ndns);
int ndctl_namespace_delete(struct ndctl_namespace *ndns);
int ndctl_namespace_set_uuid(struct ndctl_namespace *ndns, uuid_t uu);
void ndctl_namespace_get_uuid(struct ndctl_namespace *ndns, uuid_t uu);
const char *ndctl_namespace_get_alt_name(struct ndctl_namespace *ndns);
int ndctl_namespace_set_alt_name(struct ndctl_namespace *ndns,
const char *alt_name);
unsigned long long ndctl_namespace_get_size(struct ndctl_namespace *ndns);
unsigned long long ndctl_namespace_get_resource(struct ndctl_namespace *ndns);
int ndctl_namespace_set_size(struct ndctl_namespace *ndns,
unsigned long long size);
unsigned int ndctl_namespace_get_supported_sector_size(
struct ndctl_namespace *ndns, int i);
unsigned int ndctl_namespace_get_sector_size(struct ndctl_namespace *ndns);
int ndctl_namespace_get_num_sector_sizes(struct ndctl_namespace *ndns);
int ndctl_namespace_set_sector_size(struct ndctl_namespace *ndns,
unsigned int sector_size);
int ndctl_namespace_get_raw_mode(struct ndctl_namespace *ndns);
int ndctl_namespace_set_raw_mode(struct ndctl_namespace *ndns, int raw_mode);
int ndctl_namespace_get_numa_node(struct ndctl_namespace *ndns);
struct ndctl_btt;
struct ndctl_btt *ndctl_btt_get_first(struct ndctl_region *region);
struct ndctl_btt *ndctl_btt_get_next(struct ndctl_btt *btt);
#define ndctl_btt_foreach(region, btt) \
for (btt = ndctl_btt_get_first(region); \
btt != NULL; \
btt = ndctl_btt_get_next(btt))
#define ndctl_btt_foreach_safe(region, btt, _btt) \
for (btt = ndctl_btt_get_first(region), \
_btt = btt ? ndctl_btt_get_next(btt) : NULL; \
btt != NULL; \
btt = _btt, \
_btt = _btt ? ndctl_btt_get_next(_btt) : NULL)
struct ndctl_ctx *ndctl_btt_get_ctx(struct ndctl_btt *btt);
struct ndctl_bus *ndctl_btt_get_bus(struct ndctl_btt *btt);
struct ndctl_region *ndctl_btt_get_region(struct ndctl_btt *btt);
unsigned int ndctl_btt_get_id(struct ndctl_btt *btt);
unsigned int ndctl_btt_get_supported_sector_size(struct ndctl_btt *btt, int i);
unsigned int ndctl_btt_get_sector_size(struct ndctl_btt *btt);
int ndctl_btt_get_num_sector_sizes(struct ndctl_btt *btt);
struct ndctl_namespace *ndctl_btt_get_namespace(struct ndctl_btt *btt);
void ndctl_btt_get_uuid(struct ndctl_btt *btt, uuid_t uu);
unsigned long long ndctl_btt_get_size(struct ndctl_btt *btt);
int ndctl_btt_is_enabled(struct ndctl_btt *btt);
int ndctl_btt_is_valid(struct ndctl_btt *btt);
const char *ndctl_btt_get_devname(struct ndctl_btt *btt);
const char *ndctl_btt_get_block_device(struct ndctl_btt *btt);
int ndctl_btt_set_uuid(struct ndctl_btt *btt, uuid_t uu);
int ndctl_btt_set_sector_size(struct ndctl_btt *btt, unsigned int sector_size);
int ndctl_btt_set_namespace(struct ndctl_btt *btt, struct ndctl_namespace *ndns);
int ndctl_btt_enable(struct ndctl_btt *btt);
int ndctl_btt_delete(struct ndctl_btt *btt);
int ndctl_btt_is_configured(struct ndctl_btt *btt);
struct ndctl_pfn;
struct ndctl_pfn *ndctl_pfn_get_first(struct ndctl_region *region);
struct ndctl_pfn *ndctl_pfn_get_next(struct ndctl_pfn *pfn);
#define ndctl_pfn_foreach(region, pfn) \
for (pfn = ndctl_pfn_get_first(region); \
pfn != NULL; \
pfn = ndctl_pfn_get_next(pfn))
#define ndctl_pfn_foreach_safe(region, pfn, _pfn) \
for (pfn = ndctl_pfn_get_first(region), \
_pfn = ndctl_pfn_get_next(pfn); \
pfn != NULL; \
pfn = _pfn, \
_pfn = _pfn ? ndctl_pfn_get_next(_pfn) : NULL)
struct ndctl_ctx *ndctl_pfn_get_ctx(struct ndctl_pfn *pfn);
struct ndctl_bus *ndctl_pfn_get_bus(struct ndctl_pfn *pfn);
struct ndctl_region *ndctl_pfn_get_region(struct ndctl_pfn *pfn);
unsigned int ndctl_pfn_get_id(struct ndctl_pfn *pfn);
int ndctl_pfn_is_enabled(struct ndctl_pfn *pfn);
int ndctl_pfn_is_valid(struct ndctl_pfn *pfn);
const char *ndctl_pfn_get_devname(struct ndctl_pfn *pfn);
const char *ndctl_pfn_get_block_device(struct ndctl_pfn *pfn);
enum ndctl_pfn_loc {
int ndctl_pfn_set_location(struct ndctl_pfn *pfn, enum ndctl_pfn_loc loc);
enum ndctl_pfn_loc ndctl_pfn_get_location(struct ndctl_pfn *pfn);
int ndctl_pfn_set_uuid(struct ndctl_pfn *pfn, uuid_t uu);
void ndctl_pfn_get_uuid(struct ndctl_pfn *pfn, uuid_t uu);
int ndctl_pfn_has_align(struct ndctl_pfn *pfn);
int ndctl_pfn_set_align(struct ndctl_pfn *pfn, unsigned long align);
unsigned long ndctl_pfn_get_align(struct ndctl_pfn *pfn);
unsigned long long ndctl_pfn_get_resource(struct ndctl_pfn *pfn);
unsigned long long ndctl_pfn_get_size(struct ndctl_pfn *pfn);
int ndctl_pfn_set_namespace(struct ndctl_pfn *pfn, struct ndctl_namespace *ndns);
struct ndctl_namespace *ndctl_pfn_get_namespace(struct ndctl_pfn *pfn);
int ndctl_pfn_enable(struct ndctl_pfn *pfn);
int ndctl_pfn_delete(struct ndctl_pfn *pfn);
int ndctl_pfn_is_configured(struct ndctl_pfn *pfn);
#define ndctl_dax_foreach(region, dax) \
for (dax = ndctl_dax_get_first(region); \
dax != NULL; \
dax = ndctl_dax_get_next(dax))
#define ndctl_dax_foreach_safe(region, dax, _dax) \
for (dax = ndctl_dax_get_first(region), \
_dax = ndctl_dax_get_next(dax); \
dax != NULL; \
dax = _dax, \
_dax = _dax ? ndctl_dax_get_next(_dax) : NULL)
struct ndctl_dax *ndctl_region_get_dax_seed(struct ndctl_region *region);
struct ndctl_dax *ndctl_namespace_get_dax(struct ndctl_namespace *ndns);
struct ndctl_dax *ndctl_dax_get_first(struct ndctl_region *region);
struct ndctl_dax *ndctl_dax_get_next(struct ndctl_dax *dax);
unsigned int ndctl_dax_get_id(struct ndctl_dax *dax);
struct ndctl_namespace *ndctl_dax_get_namespace(struct ndctl_dax *dax);
void ndctl_dax_get_uuid(struct ndctl_dax *dax, uuid_t uu);
unsigned long long ndctl_dax_get_size(struct ndctl_dax *dax);
unsigned long long ndctl_dax_get_resource(struct ndctl_dax *dax);
int ndctl_dax_set_uuid(struct ndctl_dax *dax, uuid_t uu);
enum ndctl_pfn_loc ndctl_dax_get_location(struct ndctl_dax *dax);
int ndctl_dax_set_location(struct ndctl_dax *dax, enum ndctl_pfn_loc loc);
unsigned long ndctl_dax_get_align(struct ndctl_dax *dax);
int ndctl_dax_has_align(struct ndctl_dax *dax);
int ndctl_dax_set_align(struct ndctl_dax *dax, unsigned long align);
int ndctl_dax_set_namespace(struct ndctl_dax *dax,
struct ndctl_namespace *ndns);
struct ndctl_bus *ndctl_dax_get_bus(struct ndctl_dax *dax);
struct ndctl_ctx *ndctl_dax_get_ctx(struct ndctl_dax *dax);
const char *ndctl_dax_get_devname(struct ndctl_dax *dax);
int ndctl_dax_is_valid(struct ndctl_dax *dax);
int ndctl_dax_is_enabled(struct ndctl_dax *dax);
struct ndctl_region *ndctl_dax_get_region(struct ndctl_dax *dax);
int ndctl_dax_enable(struct ndctl_dax *dax);
int ndctl_dax_delete(struct ndctl_dax *dax);
int ndctl_dax_is_configured(struct ndctl_dax *dax);
struct daxctl_region *ndctl_dax_get_daxctl_region(struct ndctl_dax *dax);
#ifdef __cplusplus
} /* extern "C" */