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#!/usr/bin/env python3
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-3.0-or-later
# Copyright © 2018-2024 by The Linux Foundation and contributors
__author__ = 'Konstantin Ryabitsev <>'
import sys
import sqlite3
import wotmate
import pydotplus.graphviz as pd
def get_key_paths(c, b_p_rowid, maxdepth=5):
# Next, get rowids of all keys with full trust
f_p_rowids = wotmate.get_all_full_trust(c)
if not f_p_rowids:
logger.critical('No fully trusted keys found in the db')
paths = []
ignorekeys = [item for sublist in f_p_rowids for item in sublist]
lookedat = 0'Found %s fully trusted keys in the db' % len(f_p_rowids))
for (f_p_rowid,) in f_p_rowids:
lookedat += 1'Trying "%s" (%s/%s)' %
(wotmate.get_uiddata_by_pubrow(c, f_p_rowid), lookedat, len(f_p_rowids)))
path = wotmate.get_shortest_path(c, f_p_rowid, b_p_rowid, 0, maxdepth-1, ignorekeys)
if path:'`- found a path with %s members' % len(path))
# we want to find maximum paths, so we unset _seenkeys
wotmate._seenkeys = []
if len(path) > 2:
ignorekeys += path[1:-1]
if not paths:
logger.critical('No paths found to any fully trusted keys')
culled = wotmate.cull_redundant_paths(paths)'%s paths left after culling' % len(culled))
return culled
if __name__ == '__main__':
import argparse
ap = argparse.ArgumentParser(
description='Make a graph from any key to fully trusted keys',
ap.add_argument('--quiet', action='store_true',
help='Be quiet and only output errors')
ap.add_argument('--maxdepth', default=4, type=int,
help='Try up to this maximum depth')
ap.add_argument('--font', default='droid sans,dejavu sans,helvetica',
help='Font to use in the graph')
ap.add_argument('--fontsize', default='11',
help='Font size to use in the graph')
ap.add_argument('--dbfile', default='siginfo.db',
help='Sig database to use')
ap.add_argument('--out', default='graph.png',
help='Write graph into this file, guessing the output format by extension')
ap.add_argument('--show-trust', action='store_true', dest='show_trust',
help='Display validity and trust values')
ap.add_argument('key_id', nargs=1, default=False,
help='Bottom key ID for path tracing')
cmdargs = ap.parse_args()
logger = wotmate.get_logger(cmdargs.quiet)
dbconn = sqlite3.connect(cmdargs.dbfile)
cursor = dbconn.cursor()
if len(cmdargs.key_id) != 1:
logger.critical('Please provide a single key id for path tracing')
to_rowid = wotmate.get_pubrow_id(cursor, cmdargs.key_id[0])
if to_rowid is None:
key_paths = get_key_paths(cursor, to_rowid, cmdargs.maxdepth)
graph = pd.Dot(
wotmate.draw_key_paths(cursor, key_paths, graph, cmdargs.show_trust)
chunks = cmdargs.out.split('.')
outformat = chunks[-1]
graph.write(cmdargs.out, format=outformat)'Wrote %s' % cmdargs.out)