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2012-02-13 Konstantin Ryabitsev <> - 0.3.3
* Allow specifying the key to use for gpg-sign-all.
* Remove as the default host setting.
* Show 1 decimal when reporting progress in kup-server.
* Manpage fixes and expansions.
* Make mkdir recursive.
* Allow specifying compressors in kup-server.cfg.
2011-11-29 Konstantin Ryabitsev <> - 0.3.2
* Give feedback during compression stage on the server, as that is
likely to take a long time for large tarballs (patch by hpa).
2011-11-24 Konstantin Ryabitsev <>
* Allow slashes "/" in KUP_RSH and .kuprc/rsh setting, so it is possible
to pass -i to the ssh command.
* Add kup-server.1 manpage.
* Add ChangeLog.
* Rewrite README to be more abouty.