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; All of these paths should be disjoint.
; Path for public consumption, e.g. served via http
data_path = /var/lib/kup/pub
; This is the path where git trees (for the TAR and DIFF options) are
; available. Those should be readonly for the uploaders.
git_path = /var/lib/git
; A common lock file for data_path. No program should modify the
; content in data_path without holding an flock on this file. Should
; be readonly for the uploaders.
lock_file = /var/run/kup/lock
; tmp_path can be either:
; a) a directory writable by every user and with the sticky bit set
; (typically mode 1777 or 1770). In that case, DO NOT end the path
; with a slash, or:
; b) A directory containing an empty directory for each user (named for
; that user), owned by that user and mode 700. In this case, DO end
; the path with a slash.
; In either case, this directory tree MUST same filesystem as
; $data_path, since the script expects to create files in this directory
; and rename() them into $data_path.
tmp_path = /var/lib/kup/tmp
; A directory containing a GnuPG public keyring for each user, named
; <user>.gpg and readable (but not writable) by that user.
pgp_path = /var/lib/kup/pgp
; All sizes are in bytes, all times in seconds.
; Max size of uploaded data
max_data = 8589934592
; Buffer size
bufsiz = 262144
; Timeout waiting for a command
timeout_command = 30
; Must read at least bufsiz bytes in this timespan
timeout_data = 300
; Uncompressing tarballs must take at most this long
timeout_compress = 900
; How much CPU time, per compression command, before it is terminated
timeout_compress_cpu = 900
; Specify which compressors to use, separated by comma. These must match the
; file extensions that will be added to the compressed file (after the dot).
use = gz, bz2, xz
; Specify paths to each compressor listed above. Each of these must accept
; "-9" as commandline parameter for compression and "-cd" for decompression
; to stdout.
gz = /bin/gzip
bz2 = /usr/bin/bzip2
xz = /usr/bin/xz